Young people acting on the streets

Nearly everywhere, humanity is becoming urbanised. More than half of all peoples worldwide live in cities. The city is not only about buildings, yet the built environment dominates our experience of living in urban settings. Architectural space is hugely dynamic; at once a container in which we live as much as a physical material that is substantial, tangible and solid. Our predominantly urbanised life is changing time-honoured human relationships with the intangible aspects of space, namely our intuitive relationship with the immediate environment, which has the most profound consequences for human agency and identity and its relationship with culture, politics and society. This photographic project is based on young groups of people, challenging social codes of authority, consumption, and the public mechanisms of daily life in the city. With their actions they come up with a personal approach which is not about establishing a line of arguments or a theoretical position, but rather about being bodies in space, experiencing their values and conditions embedded in the public urban environment.