The workshop will explore the practical and creative interplay between photographic practice and theory in the field of visual representations of architecture and urban space. It aims to encourage an innovative approach to architectural and urban photography by adopting a critical approach to the way we perceive, relate and respond to the physical realm of architecture urban space and social values.

The photographers participating in this programme will take into consideration their physical reaction as an inseparable aspect of the experience of architecture. We will add for a period of only 15 minutes new objects or materials into the space, which will redefine the space and bring a different meaning to it. This will be done using classic techniques for ephemeral art installations or happenings, as well as photographic techniques. In this context, the aim is to create an equivalency between our bodies the object, the space and the values of urban life and public institutions as interdependent elements.

Anna Pawlik: Kingston University 2010
Alda Jomstotti: Kingston University 2010
Aga Cebula: Kingston University, 2010