'Air', Anthropocene - The Earth

'Air', Anthropocene - The Earth. by Diego Ferrari

'Air', will be exhibited at FILET, London from 31/08 to 04/09 / 2020. Then along with other works in an up-coming group show, held from September 17-20 2020. Barcelona Gallery Weekend. In this show, Notes on the Anthropocene, three contemporary artists exhibit diverse bodies of work encompassing painting, video, photography and installation, reflecting on the Anthropocene.

'Notes on the Anthropocene', with work, curated by Pigment Gallery and the artists, Diego Ferrari, Rosa Galindo and Rubén Martín de Lucas and with catalogue texts by Jean McNeil, at Pasaje Montoya, Ávila 32, Barcelona, 08005 from September 17-20 as part of Barcelona Gallery Weekend. See Expo | Barcelona Gallery Weekend